Professionally, I'm a software developer. I've also been programming games and making animations since I was a youngin'.

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Such nostalgia, such feels.

I made my first Grof episode in 2003, when I was 15. I'm 27 now. But back then, it was one of the main ways I coped with stress as a teenager, usually about my adoptive father being --- let's say, less than ideal. Rewatching Grof these days, I cannot imagine anyone being able to comprehend what was going on, but I suppose that's kind of how a lot of old NG cartoons were, made by us fledgling animatorz.

I actually took the day off work today, because I've been incredibly stressed out this week. There are stressors that I sometimes feel powerless against, and I called in because I was certain that, had I gone into work today, I would have barfed on the carpet due to anxiety.

Watching today's April Fools Toon Grumps (the entire thing), really had some good messages about it - including paying your dues and not being famous over-night. Not that I want to be famous, but I want to be more than I currently am. I struggle with working a tiring job then coming home and being too burnt out to work on things that are really important to me. And that's probably a common feeling for us old-folk (*shakes fist at teenagers who still have summer breaks*).

I kind of began thinking... should I start animating again? I've done bits here and there over the past few years, but nothing regular. Maybe I could pick up Grof again, if I felt like I just really had to vent about life. I have like, no confidence in my ability to write a story or script at all, but hey - it can't be much worse than the shit I put out when I was a teenager.