I still have my copy of Flash 4 from 1999.

2013-12-22 00:10:10 by LusikkaMage

Uh, hi.

So I've begun animating again, making cartoons in the Esperanto and Ido languages. Generally, I just post these on YouTube. Maybe I'll post 'em here, but I have such an old-ass copy of Flash. Maybe they'll be interesting.

I'm no good as a storywriter, though, eeeeehhhhhh.


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2013-12-22 00:26:58

death to youtube


2013-12-22 00:28:19

Yeah, I agree with Gimmick. Post your senile animations here!!!


2013-12-22 01:49:21

I'm glad you're animating again! I remember your stuff from when NG was a bit more primitive. There's been some problem with uploading videos, where the sound doesn't stick... I'd ask here http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/forum/3

LusikkaMage responds:

Thanks! I had tried to fix up the original .swf for my video, but some stuff got messed up and it would take more work to restore. I will try to get the audio in "Saluton" working one way or another. :]

Also how the butt does anyone remember my animated work? lol