Such nostalgia, such feels.

I made my first Grof episode in 2003, when I was 15. I'm 27 now. But back then, it was one of the main ways I coped with stress as a teenager, usually about my adoptive father being --- let's say, less than ideal. Rewatching Grof these days, I cannot imagine anyone being able to comprehend what was going on, but I suppose that's kind of how a lot of old NG cartoons were, made by us fledgling animatorz.

I actually took the day off work today, because I've been incredibly stressed out this week. There are stressors that I sometimes feel powerless against, and I called in because I was certain that, had I gone into work today, I would have barfed on the carpet due to anxiety.

Watching today's April Fools Toon Grumps (the entire thing), really had some good messages about it - including paying your dues and not being famous over-night. Not that I want to be famous, but I want to be more than I currently am. I struggle with working a tiring job then coming home and being too burnt out to work on things that are really important to me. And that's probably a common feeling for us old-folk (*shakes fist at teenagers who still have summer breaks*).

I kind of began thinking... should I start animating again? I've done bits here and there over the past few years, but nothing regular. Maybe I could pick up Grof again, if I felt like I just really had to vent about life. I have like, no confidence in my ability to write a story or script at all, but hey - it can't be much worse than the shit I put out when I was a teenager.

Uh, hi.

So I've begun animating again, making cartoons in the Esperanto and Ido languages. Generally, I just post these on YouTube. Maybe I'll post 'em here, but I have such an old-ass copy of Flash. Maybe they'll be interesting.

I'm no good as a storywriter, though, eeeeehhhhhh.


2010-05-17 12:55:22 by LusikkaMage

Oh hi there.
I am Rachel. This is my Newgrounds channel that I haven't updated in eons! But let me introduce myself, since my information was kind of out-of-date, and I may... MAY... update with something or other if I ever find the animation-inspiration.

Eons ago, I was a bouncy kid who was into both programming and animating. Due to my lack of talent with writing, I ended up going more towards the programming side of things and giving up on animating almost completely. I miss animating, I honestly do, but I'm just so terrible at writing (and, really, so are most people who would volunteer to do any writing).
I'm also pretty busy with my full-time job as a web developer. I graduated in Dec 2009 with my BS in Computer Science, and since then I've been workin'. A lot less free time now, it seems.

Most of my free time goes towards socializing and working on my website, video games, and YouTube channel, which houses my video tutorials and footage of my games. So much to do, so little time! I'm hoping to get a few of my current projects done, then just working slowly (but steadily) on a few things, and maybe the occasional mini-tutorial or maybe even animation.

Anyway. This is kind of a long post for a person who isn't on NG much, and nobody on NG even knows me anymore. :P I'm active on the 'nets, just no real reason to be here lately.

Check me out elseware?
My Website
My YouTube
My Artwork
Moosader Blog

Yes, I am still alive.

2008-06-17 15:33:29 by LusikkaMage

It is summer, so classes are out, freeing up a little time. I'm still working about 30 hours a week as a cashier for Microcenter, a computer store.

Lots of projects to work on, and most of them are programming stuff. I would like to animate but I always run into the same problem of not being able to write stories-- even BAD ones. I just can't think of anything! I might collab a bit with my lil' sister (SupaFrankPromotions), she's insane. :D

Lately, code-wise, I've been working on a game programming tutorial on YouTube, a newer version of my map / game editor, and on and off working on a C++/OpenGL 3D remake of ET (for the Atari 2600). It's been on the back-burner lately, though.
After making a fan game of Action 52's NonHuman, I'm wondering if I should make the ET remake, because I couldn't get anyone to play my nonhuman game until I replaced all the graphics and sound and renamed it to Lenxion. =P

I'm not very active on Newgrounds anymore. For a while I would regularly keep up with the latest animations and all, but I barely come here now. Best place to find me these days is on YouTube ( kaMage) or DeviantArt (, and there's always my website for a bigger list of my projects ( ader)

No time like the future

2007-11-19 16:16:49 by LusikkaMage

Last night (or this morning, I guess) I uploaded the first animation I've done in over a year...

And, really, I'd like to animate more but there's just almost no time for it! With so much constant homework and studying, this past year I've tried to dedicate to only programming (and, I suppose, drawing). But hopefully in the future I'll find time for both.

Games: der/


2007-07-21 18:18:06 by LusikkaMage

News post? Well, NG definitely is more spiffy, I can say that. However, don't expect to see any animations from me anytime soon; I've been trying to focus on developing my programming skills with C++ and SDL, and school's starting pretty soon, too.

If I do happen to quit my job right when semester starts, AND if my brain decides to become good at writing stories, AND if I gain animation patience, then you MIGHT see something. But 'til then, just go to my website and play my games. >_>